Sales information

The building at Krati tee 1/2 was completed in 2019. Its guest apartments are ready for handover.


When a buyer is interested in purchasing an apartment, we enter into a notarised real rights contract, the buyer pays the full value of the purchase and sale transaction and the right of ownership of the apartment is transferred to the buyer.

The apartment price includes:

  • the apartment ownership with all of the important parts that come with it;
  • preparation for subscription to a communications network;
  • the furniture in the apartment; and
  • a parking space (for certain apartments; see the price list for details).

The apartment price does not include:

  • notary and state fees incurred in entering into the sales contract (to be paid by the buyer); or
  • subscription charges related to mobile data, cable television, telephone and security services.

The seller reserves the right to amend the prices of unsold apartments.

Note: All graphic materials and images are illustrative in nature and may not provide an entirely accurate rendering.

Sales info

Riina Altpere

Sales manager

+372 539 51 362