Construction and interiors

General details

The load-bearing structures are made from concrete blocks, while the ceilings are made from pre-fabricated reinforced concrete panels. The stairwells between the floors are made from concrete. The building has a flat roof featuring roll roofing material.

The facade features plastering and timber.

The walls between the apartments and between the apartments and the stairwell are made from concrete stone. The walls within the apartments are likewise made from concrete stone (fully concreted and reinforced small blocks).

The building features triple-glazed windows in plastic frames.

Heating & ventilation

Adjustable water-based underfloor heating features in the apartments. The building has a gas boiler, with the central heating node situated in the technical room on the 1st floor.
Healthy air within the apartments is ensured using a heat-recovery forced ventilation system. A mechanical intake and extraction system features in every apartment.

The kitchens have a charcoal-filter extractor which utilises air circulation within the room.


Dry rooms are finished with painted concrete stone, while the walls in wet rooms are partly painted and partly finished with ceramic tiles. The floors of sanitary rooms feature ceramic tiles. Living room floors feature LVT parquet.

Water & sewerage

The buildings are connected to the water supply and sewerage network. Domestic hot water is produced on site in the building’s own heating node.

Smart lock system

The building’s doors are fitted with code panels. A smart system enables owners to both control access to their apartment and read electricity and water meters remotely using OÜ software.